May 16, 2014.

News from around the digital globe


Notify my cartographer: Google is boosting information in its maps.


EU court forces Google to remove information deemed out of date


Douchebag takes selfie while refusing to help cyclist #douchebadselfie


Google Glass on sale in US and those wearing Google Glass are still douches



Creating the perfect Vine that will grow on you (get it?)



Facebook still king among young adults

Twitter’s mute button will mute the kind of people you wish were silent in real life



Pinterest is the new Planet Amazon


Facebook stats for May: Second to None Nutrition comes out on top.


Infograpahic trends for 2014.


Resource of the Week: BlogMetrics


Discover Australia’s best blog with Blogmetrics. Not sector specific, but excellent to see what blogs are doing something right and why, and a great resource if you’re creating a blog for your client.

Statastic – Top Facebook and Twitter brands for April in Australia



Quotable Quote

‘‘Is it liberating for a politician to decide election promises don’t matter?’’

– ABC 7.30 Report host Sarah Ferguson giving Joe Hockey a swift kick in the dick minutes after the Treasurer presented his first budget

Hello…Is it meme you’re looking for?


Your weekly moment of inspiration – #someoneshouldinvent


Global conglomerate GE has teamed up with new Late Night host Jimmy Fallon to host “Fallonventions”.



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