Imagine standing on a mountain and shouting to the world your favourite cat memes until horse.

Or, perhaps a less prosaic analogy. Imagine spending years cultivating a following on your company’s Facebook page only to discover that every new post goes straight into the swirling miasma of the Great Unseen.

As Time succinctly put it, the Facebook gravy train is over.

As of now, barely anyone who liked your company’s Facebook page will see your future posts. When I say barely anyone, I mean a number approximating zero.

Despite the hoopla, the reality is that pathetic organic reach was forever thus; in 2012, Facebook revealed only 12% of company posts were seen through organic reach. The latest figures, as reported by Ogilvy, show that number has plummeted to 6%, although others – myself included – say it’s much lower; barely scrapping the barrel at a miserly 1-2%.

Let’s put these numbers into perspective.

  • Let’s say you have 10,000 likes on your Facebook page. You post a cat meme. Perhaps this one:


  • Of that 10,000, perhaps 200 might actually see the post. Maybe only 100.
  • Of that 200, content engagement rates typically fluctuate between 1-5%, anything above 5% is considered epic.
  • So, let’s say you get 10 people engaging in the content.
  • Of those, how many might decide to buy something from your company?
  • Anyone’s guess, although it’s generally accepted that engagement does lead to sales

Shithouse result, in other words.

So, Facebook has turned off the tap and the content marketers getting fat off the slop of Zuckerberg’s kindness now have to pay for ad space. Or convince a journo to write a story. Just like everyone else.

To be fair, paid promotional posts are not that expensive (you can boost your promotion for as little as $30). But for many, Facebook’s tapering of organic reach is symptomatic of a more sinister cultural shift.

And Twitter is probably next.


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