Social media expert. Digital content strategist. Content Marketing Guru. Digital Grand Chancellor. Supreme Content Marketing Vice President Par Excellence. Wank wank wank.

Now to clarify, I’m not for one minute suggesting I am any of the above. Possibly the latter description. Far from it. I’m humble enough to recognise my skills in this space are infantile. Growing, sure. But infantile.

That being said, I probably know a little more than the average bear, and given my place of work and supposed area of expertise – I am in the employ of a Melbourne-based public relations agency – I am now looked upon to provide advice in the growing area that is <buzzword alert> digital content strategy. Whatever that is.

Also, the digital content expert at work quit, and I’ve now assumed the mantle of go-to guy for this kind of stuff.

So, here you find yourself. At my blog. At its earliest, most callow stage of development. Lucky duck. Winner winner, chicken dinner.

But take heart; as I learn more and the content on Digitorium expands in expertise and scope, you too may hope to find digital enlightenment.

Until then, I expect most blog posts will be filled with rants about the decline of Australia’s once mighty media, incognito references to the distressing things seen at work and home, and cat memes. Lots and lots of cat memes. Here’s one now:


Also, this blog post has been written while heavily sedated on Sudafed at the entry point of what bodes as a rather nasty strain of the cold. Implied message: It’s only going to get better from here, hipsters.




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